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Steve Muehler & Private Placement Markets Resume Regulation A+ IPO Consulting Operations

Steve Muehler today announced that Private Placement Markets will Resume Regulation A+ IPO Advisory Services.

Steve Muehler, the Founder & Senior Managing Member of Private Placement Markets, today announced that the firm will resume its Regulation A+ Advisory Services. During the early inception of the Regulation A+ Offerings, Steve Muehler was for a period of two years the leading Regulation A+ Advisor in the United States with more SEC Qualification of Regulation A+ Offerings than any other Investment Banking Firm in the nation.

Steve Muehler’s work on Regulation A+ Offerings was sidetracked for a period of about three years due to lengthy litigation with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. With litigation behind him, Steve Muehler is re-entering the Regulation A+ Advisory arena with the only “No Upfront Costs or Fees” for Regulation A+ Offerings for companies seeking growth capital through a Public Market Listing on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ or OTC Market.

According to Steve Muehler, “after years of fighting lawsuits with the SEC, I had to take a step-back and reassess the whole situation on where I wanted to go with things. I took time to expand my education and let the whole Regulation A+ industry shakeout and mature a bit, and it was wise for me to let the trailblazers blaze trails. Let them take the risks for a bit. Now with a clear runway on the paths to the established and liquid capital markets with Regulation A+ Offerings, I feel we can now re-emerge stronger than ever with a product and a service that is not riddled with the upfront fees and costs that advisors and consultants charging out there today with little return to the companies paying them. When the market sees what we are doing later this year, I think it will shrink the market for a bunch of the current Regulation A+ Advisors and Consultants. Conor said it best, ‘I am not here to participate, I am here to take over’. If you see the total portfolio of products and services right now for Private Placement Markets, you can see I am here to take over. We are just pulling out of the garage with this new set of wheels, but it we will be going zero to infinity very fast, mark my words.”

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