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Steve Muehler - Plan 9 for California: Partial Decriminalization of Drugs

So, in Plan 5 I detailed my plan for the homelessness issue which had a large portion dealing with the treatment of drug addiction. I am expanding on that with a ‘partial decriminalization of drugs’ in the State of California.

Before going much into this, I need to drop some knowledge (thanks to Wikipedia).

First and foremost, I am personally a beer drinker (have not touched wine or liquor in many years), and the only ‘drug’ I am familiar with is legal Marijuana.

Okay, with that on the table, let me detail my Decriminalization of Drugs in California Plan……

Portugal - became the first European country to ABOLISH CRMINAL PENALTIES for “Personal Drug Possession” under law 20/2000 (in 2001). As part of this decriminalization, drug users were provided with therapy rather than prison sentences. Research commissioned by the “Cato Institute” and let by Glenn Greenwald found that in the five years after the start of decriminalization, illegal drug use by teenagers had DECLINED, the rate of HIV infections among drug users had DROPPED, deaths related to heroin and similar drugs had been cut by more than HALF, and the number of people seeking treatment for drug addition had DOUBLED.

Remember all those against the legalization of Marijuana in California a few years back, how they said it would lead to the destruction of California? How has that worked out? I think California looks the same today as it did prior to the legalization of Marijuana…… okay, maybe you catch a draft of someone smoking weed a bit more today than before, but other than that, I have not seen the spike is “weed related crimes” that we were warned about.

The cities of Oakland and Santa Cruz decriminalized Psilocybin (“Magic Mushrooms”) in June of 2019 and January of 2020. Magic Mushrooms are currently legal in the Bahamas, Brazil, the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, the Republic of Moldova, Nepal, the Netherlands, Samoa. It is ‘Decriminalized’ in Vietnam, Uruguay, Thailand, Taiwan, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Philippines, Mexico, Laos, Italy, Israel, Indonesia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Chile, Cambodia, and Austria.

· Mushrooms are taken orally and can be ground up in tea or food.

· An average user consumes an eighth of an ounce at $20 to $25 each.

· The effects of Magic Mushrooms can last around 4-6 hours.

Psychoactive Cactus (“Peyote”) is currently legal in Canada, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and in the United States only for Religious use.

Today, Cocaine is quickly emerging from the “dark shadows” and entering into the mainstream. Countries like Columbia (legal to posses up to 1 gram), MEXICO (legal to posses up to 1 gram), Peru (legal to posses up to 2 grams). Countries to decriminalize Cocaine are Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Czech Republic (up to 1 Gram), Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, and OREGON (in the State of Oregon only).

· The average cost of cocaine ranges from $100 to $120 per gram (according to a Google Search)

· A typical “line” of cocaine is 50 milligrams, yielding 20 uses from a single gram (Googled it)

· The effects of cocaine last approximately 30-minutes (Google)

· For a “heavy user”, cocaine addiction can cost over $120 per day (GOOGLE)

· Under my plan, an individual could buy up to ONE GRAM per day, but nor more than TWO GRAMS per week. (Google)

Under my plan, drugs like Heroin, Methamphetamine, MDMA (Ecstasy), PCP, LSD (Acid) will remain illegal to posses and illegal to distribute.

Under my plan, the State of California will produce, distribute and sell its own “White Label” Magic Mushrooms, Peyote and Cocaine. These three drugs will be produced by State Approved producers and distributed by the State of California to approved current Marijuana Retailers. Anyone producing, distributing or possession ‘non-California Magic Mushrooms, Cocaine or Peyote’ will be in violation of current U.S. and California Drug Laws.

What will this bring the State of California in Tax Revenues? This is hard to calculate, the estimated size of the Cocaine market in the United States is $30 Billion USD by itself. Heroin is another $30 Billion USD itself in the United States. Meth, in the U.S. is another $13 Billion USD.

The State Income from California Cocaine, Magic Mushrooms and Peyote will be much more than the Excise Tax associated with Marijuana (the tax will be much closer to the 100% level), and I believe the sales of the Cocaine will more than outpace the sales of Marijuana in California today.

Just at the Ports of Los Angeles, San Luis, Long Beach, Hueneme, Palm Springs, LAX INTL Airport, and Ontario Airport in 2000, there was just under SIXTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS of Cocaine seized in 2000.

There are multiple benefits from the legalization of these drugs, and I do not want to bore you with the details, I encourage you all to do your research (reduced costs of incarceration, reduced law enforcement costs, control of the sale and distribution, etc.). Let Google be your friend as it is mine.

NOTE: This blog is only for conservational ideas and I have ‘zero point zero’ percent interest in running for any political offices.

The Score so far on State Budget:

Plan One: Eliminate California State Income Tax

· Resulted in $90 Billion Deficit

Plan Two: Decriminalize Prostitution in California

· Resulted in $1 Billion in State Revenues

· Still have a $89 Billion Deficit, but we have no State Income Taxes and we have Decriminalized Prostitution in California.

Plan Three: California Mortgage Tax

· Resulted in $7 Billion in State Revenues

· Still have a $82 Budget Deficit.

Plan Four: California Real Estate Transfer Tax

· Resulted in $30 Billion in State Revenues

· Still have a $52 Billion Budget Deficit.

Plan Five: Ending the California Homelessness Epidemic

· Resulted in increased state spending, followed by State Budget Savings over many years. Total costs, I could not even come up with a guess, but would try to work within the current budget by utilizing current state land owned, governmental facilities, and current government programs. I am calling it “Even Steven”

· Still have a $52 Billion Budget Deficit – but we have a No Income Tax State, Prostitution is Legal, the Wealthy are Paying their Fair Share, and the streets are less cluttered with homeless.

Plan Six: Ending the State Corporate Income Tax:

· Resulted in a loss of approximately Eleven Billion USD in Annualized Tax Revenues.

· $63 Billion USD Deficit

Plan Seven: Increasing the Gasoline Tax.

· Resulting in an additional $10 Billion USD in Tax Revenues.

· $53 Billion USD Tax Deficit. But…… no State Income Taxes, no State Corporate Taxes, Homelessness is under control and we have legal Prostitution.

Plan Eight: California Transient Lodging Tax

· Resulting in $337,625,000 in Tax Revenues

· Still have a $52.5 Billion USD Tax Deficit.

Plan Nine: California Cocaine, Magic Mushrooms & Peyote

o Resulting in $1.5B in new Tax Revenues

o Still have a $51 Billion USD Tax Deficit.

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