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Steve Muehler - Plan 13 for California: Legalized Gambling

The Nevada Hotel – Casino Industry’s Tax Contributions to the State of Nevada equate to about $4 Billion USD annually ( As Governor I would propose legislation that increase gambling throughout the State of California (expanding on the existing casino relationships and agreements already established in California, no new casino groups will be allowed into the State of California without a first right of refusal from existing California Casino Operators), and proposing a plan that would convert the “Imperial Highway” in Inglewood (adjacent to SoFi Stadium) into the “Vegas Strip of Southern California”.

Under my plan, the section of the Imperial Highway in Inglewood, California running from 105 Freeway on the West to the 110 Freeway on the East would be redeveloped to be the “Vegas Strip of California”, including Hotels, Casinos, and Event Centers.

Fact: There are 180,000 employees working in the casino, hotel and hospitality industry in Las Vegas. The population of Las Vegas is 650,000, but 42 million people visit Vegas each year. Los Angeles County has a population of Ten Million (Orange County has 3 Million, Ventura County has 850,000 and Riverside County has 2.5 Million people), and approximately 50 Million Tourists visit Los Angeles each year.

This plan alone, from construction, to operations of the casinos, could have a significant impact on unemployment and underemployment in the greater Los Angeles area.

With the creation of the “Vegas Strip of California” right outside the door of LAX, it would be reasonable to believe that an additional 10-15 Million more people visit Los Angeles to visit the “Vegas Strip of California” due to our other attractions that Las Vegas simply does not have.

Also, with venues like SoFi Stadium and Staples Center (and a new stadium for the Clippers), Los Angeles should easily become the new Fight Capital of the World!!

Under my plan, other elements would include (but not be limited to):

· California Online Sportsbook

· 90% of all labor for the development and operations of the Hotel’s and Casinos must be by California Companies and California Residents.

· 90% of all employees operating the hotels and casinos must be residents of the State of California.

· Preference employment will be given to those living in areas of the city that have annual household income lower than the surrounding communities.

NOTE: This blog is only for conservational ideas and I have ‘zero point zero’ percent interest in running for any political offices.

The Score so far on State Budget:

Plan One: Eliminate California State Income Tax

· Resulted in $90 Billion Deficit

Plan Two: Decriminalize Prostitution in California

· Resulted in $1 Billion in State Revenues

· Still have a $89 Billion Deficit, but we have no State Income Taxes and we have Decriminalized Prostitution in California.

Plan Three: California Mortgage Tax

· Resulted in $7 Billion in State Revenues

· Still have a $82 Budget Deficit.

Plan Four: California Real Estate Transfer Tax

· Resulted in $30 Billion in State Revenues

· Still have a $52 Billion Budget Deficit.

Plan Five: Ending the California Homelessness Epidemic

· Resulted in increased state spending, followed by State Budget Savings over many years. Total costs, I could not even come up with a guess, but would try to work within the current budget by utilizing current state land owned, governmental facilities, and current government programs. I am calling it “Even Steven”

· Still have a $52 Billion Budget Deficit – but we have a No Income Tax State, Prostitution is Legal, the Wealthy are Paying their Fair Share, and the streets are less cluttered with homeless.

Plan Six: Ending the State Corporate Income Tax:

· Resulted in a loss of approximately Eleven Billion USD in Annualized Tax Revenues.

· $63 Billion USD Deficit

Plan Seven: Increasing the Gasoline Tax.

· Resulting in an additional $10 Billion USD in Tax Revenues.

· $53 Billion USD Tax Deficit. But…… no State Income Taxes, no State Corporate Taxes, Homelessness is under control and we have legal Prostitution.

Plan Eight: California Transient Lodging Tax

· Resulting in $337,625,000 in Tax Revenues

· Still have a $52.5 Billion USD Tax Deficit.

Plan Nine: California Cocaine, Magic Mushrooms & Peyote

· Resulting in $1.5B in new Tax Revenues

· Still have a $51 Billion USD Tax Deficit.

Plan Ten: California Residential Lease Tax

· Resulting in $8 Billion USD in Tax Revenues

· We will have $43 Billion USD Tax Deficit

Plan Eleven: California Commercial Real Estate Lease Tax

· Resulting in $18 Billion USD in Tax Revenues

· We will have narrowed the debt to $25 Billion USD

Plan Twelve: California Toll Road Explosion

· Resulting in an estimated NET (after expenses) $20 Billion USD in Tal Revenue

· The “Toll Road” travel costs will be adjusted to ensure this Revenue Number, but there will be a “floor” and a “ceiling” for each road based on average income and affordability in that particular area.

· Still have a $5 Billion USD Tax Deficit.

Plan Thirteen: Los Angeles is the new Las Vegas (legalized Gambling, Inglewood get the new “Strip”):

· Resulting in approximately $5 Billion USD in Tax Revenues to the State of California

· Resulting in a Balanced Budget

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