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Private Placement Markets to begin Offering SBA Loan Products in January 2021

Steve Muehler, Founder and President of Private Placement Markets, announced that the Firm will expand its Real Estate and Business Loan Operations by adding SBA Loan Products in January of 2021.

Beginning in January of 2021, Private Placement Markets will begin offering the following SBA Loan Products Nationwide:

SBA Small Loan 7(a):

· Loans up to $350,000 USD

· For Businesses & Real Estate

· Close in 5-10 Business Days

SBA Standard 7(a):

· Loans up to $5M USD

· For Businesses & Real Estate

· Close in 5-10 Business Days

SBA Express:

· Loans up to $350,000 USD

· Business & Real Estate

· Close within 36 hours

Export Express:

· Loan up to $500,000 USD

· For business lines of credit up to $500,000 USD

· Close in 24-hours

Export Working Capital:

· Loans up to $5M USD

· For Businesses that can generate export sales and need additional working capital

· Close in 5-10 Business Days

International Trade:

· Loans up to $5M USD

· Provides long-term financing to businesses that are expanding

· Close in 5-10 Business Days

According to Steve Muehler, the Firm will be adding this loan products to better compliment its current portfolio of capital partners, and to fill in a gap in lending services that are either to small for our current lending portfolio, and for us to add another secure facility for capital partners to invest with added protections against losses.

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