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Private Placement Markets Introduces First Residential Mortgage Loan Product Exclusively for Garage

Steve Muehler, Founder and President of Private Placement Markets, announced that the Firm has launched the First Ever Mortgage Loan Product solely targeted for homeowners looking to convert the Family Garage into living space.

Mr. Steve Muehler of Private Placement Markets states that the firm predicts three things over the next ten years:

1. If you are in the market for a new car now, it will be the last one you will ever purchase,

2. Auto leases will see sharp increases each year for the next couple of years as people will start to realize that automobiles will be worth virtually nothing four or five years from now, and

3. The family garage will be essentially non-existent by 2030.

Steve Muehler stated, “We predict Americans will not own a car by 2030. Instead, they will ride in electric, autonomous vehicles owned and operated by fleet operators. For young children, this means they will never operate a vehicle themselves and, for their parents, it means never having to worry about their child making a fatal mistake on the road, or being on the wrong end of an impaired driver.”

Private Placement Markets believes that between 2020 and 2030, the number of passenger cars in the U.S. will drop by more than 80-percent, with 60-percent of remaining vehicles being owned and operated by fleet operators. Ninety-five percent of all miles driven is predicted to be driven in those fleets of “on-demand”, autonomous vehicles.

Essentially, with the family car becoming no longer needed, then to the Family Garage is also no longer needed, and we predict the next large refinance boom and ‘fix-n-flip’ boom is going to involve the conversion of the Family Garage into extra-living space of the home, and Private Placement Markets is first-to-market with the mortgage loan program that is the perfect fit for this market need,” stated Steve Muehler.

Private Placement Markets anticipates the first loan closings to start in the First Quarter of 2021.

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