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Private Placement Equity Markets now “Steve Muehler – Equity Capital Markets”

Steve Muehler today announced that the “Private Placement Equity Market” has been renamed to “Steve Muehler – Equity Capital Markets”

Steve Muehler, the Founder & Senior Managing Member of Private Placement Markets, today announced that he has re-acquired all equity shares of the Company and renamed the Company’s Equity Capital Division, and is now named “Steve Muehler – Equity Capital Markets”.

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Steve Muehler – Equity Capital Markets will continue its movement away from Alternative Trading System operations and move towards a more “Transaction Advisory & Strategic Capital Advisory” consisting of (but not limited to): SEC Registration Statements, Private Placements, IPOs, Shares Issues, Spin-offs, Convertible Securities, and advice to corporate and family-owned companies on raising capital from institutional investors.

NOTE: Steve Muehler – Equity Capital Markets does not provide any Broker Dealer Related Services.

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